17 April 2018 pac
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In 2017 we got the opportunity of the manager of AH Sumatrastraat Duco Uphof to collect once a quarter for UNICEF. That has become a huge success! In a year, no less than a total amount of € 5,200.61.

A beautiful amount that is not achieved at any other supermarket, because in total we have collected € 10,000 with the collection at 3 supermarkets in The Hague. This year we may again collect 4x at these supermarkets and we hope to count on your generous gift again!

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Blow prohibition applies in the city center of The Hague and on the boulevard of Scheveningen

In the city center of The Hague, at the Central Station, the Laakkwartier and around the Zuiderpark, a blow prohibition applies immediately. Also on the boulevard of Scheveningen, the lighting of a joint or the use of magic mushrooms is no longer permitted. The municipality has 13 areas (dertien gebieden) in which there is a ban on the use of soft drugs in the public spaces.

The Hague ban follows many complaints about odor and noise pollution. Those who do not comply with the rules run the risk of a fine or alternative punishment. Only warnings will be issued in the next two weeks. At the same time, an information campaign will start. For example, flyers will be distributed at coffee shops and facilities for homeless people.

Not without a struggle

The blow prohibition did not come without a struggle, reports  Omroep West. A year ago, the Hague city council agreed to change the General Local Regulation. For example, a blow prohibition was legally possible. Subsequently, the municipality, together with the police, investigated where the ban was necessary. In some of the areas now designated there is also an alcohol ban.

The blow prohibition applies for two years. Then it is examined whether it should be extended. In the meantime, the municipality and police will ‘monitor’ the ban every six months.


With 65+ historical (army) vehicles through the Hague City Center on 5 May the LibertyTour is one of the most beautiful entries in the country. In honor of the arrival of the Fire of Freedom from Wageningen and the liberation by Canadians and Dutch Irene Brigade in May ’45.

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17 April 2018 pac


On omroepwest.nl:

DEN HAAG – What do you want? Groep de Mos, VVD, D66 and GroenLinks are negotiating a new city council in The Hague. But what should be in the coalition agreement for you? Fill out the Haagse Omroep West Wens and the editors bring your ideas, wishes and solutions to the negotiating table. You can use the form below

Research by I & O Research shows that voters find safety, traffic and affordable living the most important election points. Furthermore, health care and sustainability score high. But perhaps there are other topics that should be given attention as far as you are concerned. You can leave it on the Omroep West Haagse Wens.

Put the politicians in the Hague to work. What do you want them to tackle? fill it formulier in […..]


17 April 2018 pac

Earlier this year, on 30 January, the municipality informed the neighborhood about the relocation of the Israeli embassy to Plein 1813 nos. 4 and 5. Because of a number of inevitable security measures that must take place in the public space, the municipality of The Hague wants to use this time to improve the layout of Plein 1813 and make it greener. On Thursday 26 April, an information meeting will take place in which the municipality will inform the public about the ideas for the design of the outdoor space.

The meeting will take place at Nassauparc, Nassaulaan 13, 2514 JS in The Hague, from 19:00 – 20:30 (room open from 18:45).

You can sign up for the meeting before 24 April via plein1813nrs4en5@denhaag.nl

(download here PDF of the municipality)


Werkgroep Openbare Ruimte (Public Space working group)


6 April 2018 pac

From 3 April, the municipality started clearing orphaned bicycles throughout the city, including in our neighborhood. Bikes that are unused for longer than 28 days on the public road will receive a warning label. The city calls these bicycles ‘orphaned bicycles’.

Is the orphan bike still unused after 28 days? Then the bike gets a second label (a “decision label”). The owner then has 2 to 3 days to remove the bicycle.

If this does not happen, the bicycle will be taken to the Fietsdepot Haaglanden (in the Binckhorst).

First, orphaned bicycles receive a warning label on so-called “hotspots”. Hotspots are places where, due to reports from residents and the municipality’s own experience, it has been established that there are many unused bicycles. In our neighborhood, the hotspot is indicated: Bankastraat between Bankaplein and Burgemeester Patijnlaan and Nassauplein (both sides) up to Javastraat.

See further gemeente.


6 April 2018 pac

HMC and RAV Haaglanden are working together to develop faster patient transport between HMC locations.  Haaglanden Medical Center and Regional Ambulance Facility Haaglanden want to provide non-urgent patients faster transport between the three HMC locations.

Specially trained nurses from HMC supervise transport.
HMC has three locations in the Haaglanden region: HMC Bronovo and HMC Westeinde in The Hague, HMC Antoniushove in Leidschendam. Not every location has the same treatment or diagnostic capabilities. For this reason, patients may have to be transferred from one HMC location to another for treatment or admission. The Regional Ambulance Facility (RAV) Haaglanden usually performs this transport, but is also responsible for urgent ambulance care in the region. This sometimes results in unpleasant waiting times for patients who need to be transferred and this does not benefit their treatment and healing process. In a one-year pilot study, RAV Haaglanden and HMC will investigate whether it is possible to limit these waiting times during peak times from 12.00 to 20.00.

Also see the website of H+MC about this samenwerking.


This was celebrated exuberantly on Saturday 31 March. Almost nobody knows what the surname is of Annelies; everyone knows her as Annelies. The green balloons in the street were not for Easter, but for the party and the colors Alexanderhoeve. Music was made outside the shop and both cheese and wine could be tasted. You could earn a piece of cheese by cutting off a piece of 500 grams. A margin of 5% was used, but that was not so easy. The party place is busy and Annelies has received positive compliments and is spoiled with flowers.

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Hands at the helm: environment law ahoy! Four evenings about the new environmental law

Invitation and program: Resident organization De Groene Eland and de Haagse Mug invite you to attend
four evenings about the new environmental law. The environmental law determines the physical environment of your neighborhood and city by 2021. What is your control?
In 2021, all Dutch municipalities must implement the new environmental law. An important law that deals with the ‘physical environment’. So about everything that has to do with: space, living, infrastructure, environment, nature and water. But also with care, energy climate and economy. All things that directly affect the interests of local residents, small entrepreneurs, residents’ organizations and other social organizations. According to the government, the law gives citizens a say. It is, however, important that the inhabitants of The Hague can really talk with them when it comes to substantial changes in the neighborhood and city. Let us together ensure that citizen participation is co-determination.


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1 April 2018 pac

A versatile music performance by Muziektheater Briza in the context of ‘The Hague Senior-friendly city’ in association with De MIX World Music Foundation. Seniors living independently and the residents of care institutions and family / supervisors are all welcome. The six musicians / singers sing and play recognizable songs and music from around the world, including from Spain, Portugal, Brazil and the Andes Mountains. Germany, England, Indonesia and of course also from their own country. The theater room will be converted into a cozy music café

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