Koempoelan Program for 2018

Every second Wednesday of the month from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. A pleasant but often instructive meeting held at Wijkcentrum Het Klokhuis at Celebesstraat 4 The Hague, 070-3503511, organized by Stichting Pelita.
The last meeting on 14 February we celebrated our 20-year existence at the Klokhuis. That was a nice happening with beautiful artists and a large number of visitors. And of course we just continue with our regular meetings on Wednesday afternoons. In March we greeted writer Nadet Somers who will tell us about the experiences of a government woman in the former Dutch East Indies. In April writer Reggie Baay will already have a glimpse into his new book and in May photographer and sociologist Jacintha van Beveren will visit us.

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Panorama Mesdag will open the exhibition Jan Giesen: Working on Scheveningen (1920-1930) on 4 March.

Survived workers’ heads, a sunset in the dunes and a stranded German Cruiser: The Hague artist Jan Giesen (1900-1983) found life-long inspiration in Scheveningen and Kijkduin. In this exhibition his art is central from the years 1920-1930, a period in which Giesen was fascinated by all the work on Scheveningen and Kijkduin. In this way he visualized the reinforcement of the seawall of the South Holland coast, the construction of railway lines and the expansion of Kijkduin. He alternated brute human muscle power with tranquil nature observations of, for example, a flowering sea buckthorn.

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(source:  dutchnews.nl)

One of the storks, working on the nest. Photo: Webcam still via Vogelbescherming Nederland


Dutch bird protection group Vogelbescherming Nederland has begun switching on its spring webcams, located in and around the nests of eight different birds.

New this year is a camera following events at the nest of a white tailed eagle in Friesland, 15 metres above the ground. Other birds that can be followed include a coal tit, a stork, a kingfisher and various owls.

The Beleef de Lente (experience Spring) webcams are followed by hundreds of thousands of people a year.

Read more at DutchNews.nl: Follow storks, eagles and a kingfisher as spring watch webcams switch on http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2018/02/follow-storks-eagles-and-a-kingfisher-as-spring-watch-webcams-switch-on/



20 February 2018 pac






Dear residents,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your participation in this survey. My name is Rochelle and I study integral safety at the Haagse Hogeschool. Currently I am doing an internship with the financial investigation of the police. For my graduation I do research into the safety experience in relation to the Programma Afpakken. The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into the feelings of safety of the residents of the district of Centrum in relation to the taking away of criminal assets. Completing the survey will take about 10 minutes of your time. Your data will be treated reliably and the results will be processed completely anonymously. If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please contact me at rochelle_elderhorst@hotmail.com Thanks again for your participation in this survey. To fill in the survey, tick Survey Security Experience here  Enquête veiligheidsbeleving

Rochelle Elderhors

20 February 2018 pac



Saturday, March 10

Location: Vreedehuis

From 15 to 17 hours Riouwstraat 1


♫ The ‘Gassenhauer trio’ by Ludwig van Beethoven by Jan Timmer piano, Jaap van Apeldoorn clarinet and Friso van der Veen cello

♫. Baritone Johan van Boven, accompanied by Rafal Zydek on guitar, presents a selection of songs by Die Winterreise (opus 89) by Franz Schubert

♫ Jaap Westbroek on flute and Freek Koster piano with Johann Sebastian Bach’s flute sonata, BWV 1030 Parts: largo e dolce and presto and Georg Friedrich Handel’s sonata in F dur, HWV 369, the parts are grave, allegro, alla siciliana and allegro

♫ The Jazz Pack with Claire Schotkamp vocals, Jan Hut bass, Daniele Cavallo guitar and Erik Busking vibraphone

The room opens at 14.30. Afterwards there is an opportunity to have a drink.

Entry: 5 euros


20 February 2018 pac

Alle Tonen Podium on 23 February from 5 pm in De Zalen, Rouwstraat 1

Narrative Harmonies, Fusing Melodies
An evening full of music, in which we search together for what music is and what makes music valuable.
Why is music so personal?  And what impulse does music offer to life and well-being?
An interactive evening with lectures, assignments, performances and pleasant intermezzos.

WINWIDE aims to connect people and inspire together. This is done through encounters. This creates a stage for people from all corners of the world who can display their talents in the field of performing arts or ideas about them.

With the cooperation of:
Bas van Splunter (arranger / musical leader)
Henk Mak van Dijk (pianist / anthropologist)
Itzel Medecigo (mezzo soprano)
Ferdy Karto (author / performer)

Register zs.s.m. February via alletonenpodium@winwide.nl
[please indicate / do not use the meal]
Admission: € 5 Use meal: € 5

20 February 2018  pac


On Friday, March 23, in the Nieuwe Badkapel, Nieuwe Parklaan 90, the Mattheus Passion will be performed by the Hague Baroque Society led by Gilles Michels. Tickets are 25 euros (including consumption) at the following addresses: on our website, Albersen Music in Valeriusstraat 12, Boekhandel Scheveningen, Keizerstraat 50 and on March 23 from 18 o’clock in the church. I have to discourage you from this, because last year there was no longer a ticket for that time.

As soloists there are: Bart van Lieshout, tenor as evangelist, Tim Maas, bass (Christ), Nikki Treurniet, soprano, Jasper Dijkstra, tenor, Berend Eijkhout, Bas and the Hague Children’s Choir.

20 February 2018   pac


The municipality sends a new pass, because not every household has a waste card. If you live with several people at 1 address you have to do together with 1 waste card.

New waste card

The new waste card is a plastic card. You can throw away the old paper card with the old paper.

Did you not receive a new waste card on 31 March 2018? You can request a new pass on the Waste Pass .

Waste pass

Access to the waste disposal stations

The Hague waste card gives you access to the municipality’s waste collection stations. At a refuse collection station, you can bring waste that is too large for your garbage bag, mini-container or the underground residual waste container. Think of garden waste or an old bank, cupboard or washing machine.

Separating waste

The waste disposal stations also play an important role in the separation of waste. All material that you bring to the refuse collection station is processed separately as much as possible. That is good for the environment. For example, you can go to a refuse collection station for returning paint residue, grease, soil, soil and sand, horse manure and batteries. Check which materials you can return at any refuse collection station to bulky waste or dispose of garden waste .

(source: denhaag.nl)

20 February 2018  pac

Published: 8 February 2018 Modified: 8 February 2018


The Municipal Executive has decided to expand the abandoned bicycle policy to include the entire city. The idea is that municipal enforcement teams will patrol the streets checking for abandoned bicycles in all of The Hague’s neighbourhoods as of 1 April 2018.

Now that there is more enforcement capacity and the results from the first 8 neighbourhoods have proved a success, one of the biggest annoyances in the city will be tackled. According to Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis (Public Space), ‘The city is becoming more attractive and tidier now that we are clearing away abandoned bicycles. Moreover there is again more space for people who are actually using their bike and want to park it. We are going to remove abandoned bicycles in each neighbourhood.’

Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis joined the enforcement team in Rustenburg-Oostbroek on 7 February to affix labels on bicycles which have apparently been left standing for a long time. Rustenburg-Oostbroek is 1 of the 8 neighbourhoods in which the 28-day abandoned bike measures are in force. In these neighbourhoods bicycles may not be left standing unused on the same spot for longer than 28 days in a row.

So far nearly 1,500 abandoned bikes have been removed from these areas and brought to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden. Less than 2% of the bikes have been collected by their rightful owners. This indicates that the bicycles were no longer in use and were dumped.

8 neighborhoods

The rules for abandoned bicycles are now in force in parts of Duinoord, Bezuidenhout, Stationsbuurt, Leyenburg, Rustenburg-Oostbroek, Strandweg/Boulevard, Regentessekwartier and the Zeeheldenkwartier. In these designated areas bicycles may not be left standing on the street unused for longer than 28 days. Many residents and businesses have responded positively to the approach and often request the municipality to designate additional areas. Thanks to the success of these measures, the Municipal Executive has decided to designate the entire city for the 28-day abandoned bicycle measures.

Photo: Jurriaan Brobbel. Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis announces that the abandoned bicycle measures will be extended to the entire city.
Photo: Jurriaan Brobbel. Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis announces that the abandoned bicycle measures will be extended to the entire city.
(source:  https://www.denhaag.nl)



On Friday, March 23, 2018, the Louis Couperus Society organizes a Biography Day ‘in the Oude Sterrewacht in Leiden under the title: Between mud and stars. The writer biography in the spotlight ‘.(download programma (.docx)).

In the morning, four lectures will be on the program of, among others, Elisabeth Leijnse and Wim Hazeu on the theme Painpoints in biography ‘. In the afternoon, experienced biographers such as Jaap Goedegebuure, Elly Kamp and Gé Vaartjes and Eric Palmen from Biografieportaal.nl give practical workshops on writing, reading and reviewing writer biographies. Lovers of biographies, (prospective) biographers and students are very welcome. The Biography Day costs € 17.50 including lunch. Tickets are for sale here.

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